Work Highlights

This section provides selected work highlights from the experience of Sabev & Partners Law Firm in addition to the information in other sections of the Website. The Law Firm does not publish the names of its clients on the Website, unless the engagement has been awarded through a public procurement or has otherwise become publicly known. References can be provided upon request. The Website does not contain information which is trade and/or professional secret of the Law Firm and/or its clients.

Complex legal service to a pharmaceutical company

Sabev & Partners advises on various matters the Bulgarian subsidiaries of one of the largest multinational pharmaceutical groups present in Bulgaria ever since 1999.

Legal advice on real estate matters to a large European retail chain

Since 2014, Sabev & Partners has been engaged by one of the largest European retail chains on matters related to real estate acquisition and development in Bulgaria, necessary for the opening of new retail locations of the chain.

Acquisition of Cevolani S.p.A. as Business Complex

Legal advice and assistance in the preparation and submission of offer in two-rounds procedure for the acquisition of Cevolani S.p.A. (in extraordinary administration) as a business complex (i.e. assets, licenses, authorizations, services or activities for the business activity carried out by Cevola

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