Restructuring and insolvency

Our team includes experienced practitioners skilled in all aspects of insolvency and restructuring transactions, insolvency planning and litigation and all related matters and opportunities. The insolvency specialists work with lawyers from other practices to provide cross-disciplinary service in any insolvency, restructuring or reorganization situation. Our insolvency litigators investigate, pursue and defend claims for and against insolvent companies, both with respect to the main insolvency procedure and in proceedings related to invalidation or annulment of particular transactions or actions of the insolvent debtor. We also assist clients in applying their contingency planning and risk management policies.
Within this area we have extensive experience in:
  • advising corporate clients – borrowers on restructuring of debts under bank loan agreements, including: consultations and assistance in negotiations with the banks on different restructuring options; drafting or advising on documents for amendments to the loan and security agreements; assistance with respect to registration of changes in mortgages and pledges resulting from the restructuring of the debts; 
  • advising corporate clients on both lender and borrower side in relation to granting and restructuring of intra-company loans, including consultations on tax implications and assistance in cases of conversion of debts into equity; 
  • advising and representation of both corporate clients and banks in relation to insolvency proceedings, including: carrying out preliminary analyses of the options and risks associated with insolvency; advising on the steps and estimated timing of court insolvency proceedings; assisting at the initiation and in the course of such proceedings; and
  • providing consulting services to governmental institutions on regulatory matters in the field of insolvency legislation and on specific cases of insolvency proceedings. 

Team members

Georgе SabevBoryana BotevaKalina KavaldjievaNevena Angelova-Stoeva